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Finding Crystal Ore in Survival



Sorry if this is widely known - couldn't find anything on the forums and am new to playing.


I was wondering how rare sonic crystal is in the overworld? Looks like I need it to create a sonic screwdriver, which in turn is needed to make most Tardis identifying items.


Problem is I've been mining for hours and haven't come across a single block. Plenty of all the other new ores (except Titanium, I think) and bags of iron and all the old stuff... even a few blocks of diamond, and plenty of emeralds... but not a trace of crystal ore.


Is this normal? Is there a particular biome it spawns in? Or depth?


Many thanks for any help you can offer!


All the best,



From what I've seen and experienced, there's no specific place it generates, just naturally on Earth and Trenzalore. Idk how rare it is, but I say keep going until you find it, it's bound to turn up at some point. Sometimes mountains it generates there and you can easily pick it off, so maybe try that too.

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