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Please unban GAVVINYT for a friend

Hello A while back I was banned on Minecraft DMU for griefing however after appealing my account was unbanned and I asked for someone to not unban my gavvinyt Because It was stolen. however, I have recently recovered my gavvinyt account and would like it unbanned I am allowed on dmu but that account was not unbanned and I have been told not to do alt accounts again but the gavvinyt account was my main so please may someone unban it I (pixel who) will not use gavvinyt I am giving that account to a friend so I won't use it as an alt if that helps?.

This is not a ban appeal it is just a question

If it was banned I would say that account you would need to appeal for it again not sure however 

Please use the appeal format and edit this appeal next time aswell.


Like people have replied, please use the correct format so we can identify more
info from the ban. Thanks!

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