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ban appeal: GAVVINYT

Minecraft username: Gavvinyt (formerly kidventures01)

Why you were banned: griefing

Ban duration: permanent

What were you doing last on the server: playing round in my tardis (cant rly remember tho)

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I have waited 7 months and now the time has come that I want to give away my Minecraft account to a friend so the may play dmu with me and my other friends, I have changed a lot after the unbanning of my alt, for 6 months I have been playing dmu since and I have never grieved or been harmful to people,  I have changed a lot and I would never wish to grief or be mean. Like I briefly said my alternative (now my main) account has been unbanned after appealing and I will not use kidventures01 for my own use If t is unbanned I shall give it to a friend. Thank you for reading my appeal, I really appreciate it.

If it was banned I would say that account you would need to appeal for it again not sure however 

Please use the appeal format and edit this appeal next time aswell.


Like people have replied, please use the correct format so we can identify more
info from the ban. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply.
I think your account names which keep changing are adding a lot of confusion.

I already replied to an old thread of you back in June that I wanted to unban you, but you were already unbanned. I assume that was an alt-account then, because when I checked now  you still had the ban from back in April.

Try rejoining the server again, I've done another attempt at unbanning you!

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