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Cowman's revenge part 2

Firstly, the newly assembled Tardis Team had to figure out what Cowman was plotting.


They knew without backup that nobody would survive the onslaught of cows, daleks and whatever traps were waiting for them so they quickly decided to go back in time to try to stop him from returning but the question is - how did he return? 


Was it by a ritual?  If so, who would want Cowman back from the grave?  But of course they knew the time was limited before he would find them so they hatched a plan of finding a few DMU players from the past to help battle Cowman. In the future one of the players called ProfessorCoke who was quite eager to deal with Cowman for whatever reason and Miss who wanted revenge for how her friends had been caged up by cows in the past war with Cowman.


But there was one more person to try and find for this battle. 1WTC.  "But where could he be" Matt said. Josia pointed out the player locator, but was it too late as the ritual was completed. Those inside the Tardis were shielded from the flashes of light.

Then they received the distress call....


To be continued in Chapter 3...


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