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Cowman's revenge 3

Chapter 3

Who sent that distress call?


It was a while later that the Tardis landed inside of the bunker. Matt bravely stepped out of the door of Josia’s Tardis, followed by BrettThekidRE, Gamergalchloe, Miss Who. Ben was about to step out when suddenly a force field surrounded the Tardis making escape impossible and flight mode was disabled. “What’s happening? Professor Coke yelled out. 

Cowman replied, “you have friends lost in an endless maze as it was I who sent out that distress call.” He scoffed; “you do not have the power to stand up to me and my army.”

When from nowhere Chloe comes running with a pistol drawn and attempts to shot Cowman but Ben shouts behind you.

A dalek appears from the sky - Chloe turns right but is exterminated. 

Cowman kicks her body away and sees Matt, Miss who and Brett all running to see what had happened. 

Chloe whispers some words to Matt telling them to fight in their honour. Cowman flees from the bunker and sets his mind on destroying the world. Just then wind blows through Matt’s hair and it was another Tardis. 1WTC appeared, as did Mr Cedric who stepped out of the Tardis. At the foot of the tardis, they can see Chloe dying on the floor.

To be continued Chapter 4


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