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Cowmans revange 4

Chapter 4

Help is at hand


Mr Cedric asks “What happened to Chloe?”

He then sees the Dalek roaming around the bunker. Another flash of white appeared and the Dalek vanished.


Maybe Cowman had gained access to the mod code and removed the Daleks from existence?


John loots the forcefield from Josia’s Tardis but then time started to fall apart. They could feel the mod becoming less and less fun. Suddenly both Tardises ground to a halt as they reached the destination for the war planning.


That location was on Skaro however for some reason the Tardis Team along with Mr Cedric and John decided to head for one of the Kaled Bunkers and start preparing for the greatest conflict in Dalek Mod history.


To be continued

Chapter 5

Planning for war

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