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Dalek christmas

Hello, I know you are expecting your normal build competition today but George was not feeling too well so I have taken over for today. As you may know I am the guy who makes the short stories, but I can always shift to other roles if needed. Anyway let us get into today’s article. A short story of Christmas about the daleks. The Time of the Daleks. It was Christmas eve on the server, everyone was busy helping the staff team make the server ready for Santa to arrive and so they waited. Then came a rumble which was unlike any-other for this was a full Dalek empire armed with about 200 Dalek ships. It was not the Christmas people wanted to face on the server. A few brave soldiers stood and fought the on coming dalek forces that were ground units. I was one of the brave heroes to stand and fight with my friend beside me but then we saw it… A special weapons Dalek. As I saw the dalek it was starting to fire, and I was thrown back into a wall and knocked out. When I came to my senses I was surrounded by a few survivors. Matt, John, Ben, Josia and a few others. They had taken me to a place where the Daleks could not enter and so the planning for the battle began. But first there was a problem. Where was Santa? Did the Daleks exterminate him? A few days later the planning was over we decided to fly our tardises into the heart of the Dalek empire. We reprogrammed the tardises to have much better shielding and defences such as deploying electromagnetic pules (EMP) which where modified to only affect Dalek armour, so the battle raged on for a few years that was until something appeared to destroy all Daleks.... That was Mrs Clause. She had come to seek revenge for her husband’s death. She sent in the elves, the reindeers, the sleigh - everything. The Daleks stood no chance for the power of Christmas was against them. And so, the server was once again safe for another day.

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