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Cowmans revange part 5

Chapter 5 

Planning for war


The Kaled base was soon under attack by Cowman’s minions. The Tardis team knew what must happen to win this war. They had to find their missing friends and that was only the first step in their plan to rescue the server.


The second step is to figure out how to stop his plan.


The third step would be how to end him once and for all.


And so, the journey continues with our Tardis team, back in their Tardis's fleeing from cowman and his hordes of mobs. Josia quickly codes something to help hide from cowman but would it be enough?


Eventually they land back in 2020 earth and Mr Cedric says “why don’t we split off into 2 teams - Matt, Me, Brett and Miss who and then John, Coke, Ben and Josia”. Everyone agrees and they start searching high and low for the holding cell of their friends.

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