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[How To] How to appeal a SWDTeam.com ban

My SWDTeam.com account has been banned, how can I appeal?

If you would like to appeal a ban on your SWDTeam.com account, please contact support@swdteam.com (using the email you setup your account with) with details of your ban:

- Account name

- When you were banned

- What you were last doing on the website

- Any additional information you think will be helpful



Any site ban appeals sent through email will be processed by SWDTeam rather than the DMU staff team.


My site ban was in response to a DMU ban

If you think you were banned on the website in relation to a DMU ban please also provide information on this so we can investigate both bans.


I'm not sure why my account was banned?

If you are not sure why your account was banned we will be happy to give you a breakdown of the reasons why your account was banned. This will give you a chance to respond to the evidence and try and clear anything up which may have been taken out of context or may have been a mistake.


Can I just make another account and appeal on the website?

We will not respond to a ban appeal if it has not been submitted from the account which was banned. Therefore this is why we ask for you to contact the support email instead.

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