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Interviewing my future self

Hello and welcome to something a little bit different this will be an interview with myself 



 First Question: When did you start playing the dalek mod 


I think it was around early 2013 I didn’t have a proper Minecraft account then so I used a cracked version till I bought a proper account in the summer of 2016


Second Question: When did you first play on the server.


Oof a tough question, but I believe it was late 2016 early 2017 the first time I was ever on the server I was called SkyThekidRA but changed it to what I am known as today BrettThekidRE.


Third Question: any bans on the server.


I don’t think I am at right to comment on this question all I will say is yes 


Forth Question: Tell us about your time on the server so far


So, when I first ever joined the server, I got into an older version of torchwood which was a mistake as that faction waged war with another faction called alpha sqaud which I later joined in 2017 I was part of alpha sqaud for 2 year until I disliked the way they started to run things like siding with people that where once the enemy, I have also been part of another group called torchwood and dalek-wood I made a hash of them factions by pretending to be a spy.


Firth Question: Any regrets of the server


Yes, I have regrets of course I do if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be human, oh of the server yes I do I miss alpha sqaud but hey ho there’s nothing that can be done to fix that I also regret arguing with staff members when they are only doing their jobs.


Last Question: Would you like to say anything to the readers


Do not be like me don’t waste the opportunity to be the best you can be for the server and your life in general.


Thank you and good Night.




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