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The final chapter of the cow man story

Chapter 6

Cowman’s End


So, with our hero’s set for the final battle they take a moment to go over the final stages of the plan. Everything was on these brave hero’s finding their friends and defeating cowman once and for all so the two team’s went onto their tasks. The team lead by Matt would search for cowman and the team lead by Mr Cedric would search for the whereabouts of the captive dmu players.


Brett notices cybermen heading toward the lair of cowman, but was it all too late as they felt deep down it was a failed mission? Until the sound of Tardises sored through the air. They lost count of how many there were but they guessed more than a hundred Tardises flying into what would be the final battle with cowman.


Cowman had of course been busy assembling an army to take over DMU - Cybermen, Slitheen, he even made the Daleks return to fight for him but there was one thing even more dealy – cows. As the battle went on the Tardis Team noticed a flaw in cowman’s army and they took off to find better ground. This was the final step to beat the army. 


But it was risky as it could result in the server being destroyed or the death of many brave heroes. Brett’s Tardis took off and started to fly at Cowman with a vaporising bomb.


All the players of dmu looked on as Brett slammed into Cowman and both disappeared. 


Matt and John went into the battlefield but there was no sign of a Tardis. Matt said, “Can Tardises be destroyed by bombs like that?”. John did not know the answer. 

Matt suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing though his hair and there materialising in front of them was Brett’s Tardis.

That moment the server started to celebrate until something else arrives


    BrettThekidRE= Brett

Mr Cedric = Cedric

Gamergalchloe= Chloe 

(I had to add her name Ben)

Ben1Ben1= Ben

Proffessor Coke= as Coke

Didgeridoomen= Matt

1WTC = John

Miss who = Miss who

I hope you all enjoyed the series leave feedback for Ben to read

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