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[DMU Ban appeal] FinVented: "Doxxing a user. Again" [Permanent]

Minecraft username: FinVented

Why you were banned: "doxxing"

Ban duration: Permanent

What you were last doing on the server: helping wheezebob and MrHutch101 with Paul_R083R75's Jedi Trials (for the faction I made)

Why you think you should be pardoned: First of all, where it says 'again' I will explain. I got banned for "doxxing" a while ago for calling the staff member Joe by his real name. I didn't think he minded as, at the time, his youtube channel - which he commented on SWD posts on,  had his real name. After I did this, he said "who the fuck is [his name]" so I told him that it was someone on YouTube with the same profile picture as him, as I thought that someone had just stolen his profile picture. Later on, he asked what to name his road in SWD City so I suggested I name it after himself because of how much hard work he'd put into the city (I said his name in chat but I'm not going to say it here) and he banned me. I talked in the discord and I explained that Joe has banned me a lot and even banned me for doing playsound @a accidentally not @a[r=20]. Even former SWD dev and Admin Josia50 said it was impulsive banning so I was unbanned from DMU, that time. 


All I did, this time, was lengthen someone's minecraft username, when I was mad at them for repeatedly killing me, and he shouted at me and I apologised and I thought it was done but then when I tried to log on the next day, I was PERM banned. I need to mention that I did in fact know his name at the time of saying it as I had paid him on PayPal previously BUT I figured that his Minecraft name was practically his name so I believed it would be okay. NOTE: I didn't say his full name, just his second name as it was basically already in his username. 


Also Joe, despite you repeatedly banning me, I understand that this person is your friend and was annoyed that I revealed his second name but you didn't need to permanently ban me.


Thank you for reading and I hope I get unbanned.

I would like to correct you on some things you got wrong, I killed you once (Maybe twice) because you couldn't see Wheeze and I thought it might fix it. People know me as Hutch but people didn't know that was part of my name only friends know that. you didn't say my full name but you did say a big chunk of it that I mentioned to staff because it isn't something I wanted public especially since you mentioned it when I wasn't online and I quote "Marko51 Hutchinson said he didn't burn your pride flags" you did say it when I was online out of anger but saying it here wasn't out of anger towards me because I wasn't online.



Mentioning people’s private personal information in chat is never a good idea. Whether it’s common knowledge or not please refer to people by their username unless given permission to do so. 

Appeal has been accepted. This Thread will be locked.



-DMU Ultra-Admin

This thread has been locked.