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Dmu conspiracy!!! (Dm Bugle)

Hello there and welcome to a conspiracy theory regarding the Disappearances on the Dalek mod server. Let’s begin.


Dalek Mod Universe is one of the best servers out there but what if I was to tell you - it isn’t. There is something strange going on with this fun loving server and I am here to tell you what I believe is going on. Here is my theory as to why players items and Tardises have gone missing. 


First Theory. Staff were tricked into deleting players Tardises by other player.


Second Theory. Staff where tricked to steal the items from other players when told it wasn’t theirs.


Third Theory. The server was wiped clean for Tardises and items by mistake  and nobody was told - not even staff.


Fourth Theory. The Swdteam have been pushed away and replaced by people that don’t know what they are doing.


Fifth Theory. The players haven’t been onto the server since it reset.


Add your own theories in the comments below

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