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Confirmed Features which are Frequently Asked for

This thread will be divided into 2 sections: 1) Confirmed features asked for over and over again. 2) Unconfirmed features overly suggested.

Frequently Asked for confirmed features: 

I made this post because a BUNCH of people ask for the same thing wayyyyy too often. This post can be linked to for anyone asking for something that has already been confirmed or as a reference for newer members.


I'll take Suggestions on what to add here.



He Was in the Mod once, and he will be added again

Need proof? If you dig around in the Dalek Mod files, you can find his texture. SWD Team is definitely working on him. SWD Team has also teased Davros in the past.


Want to play the mod with Davros?

He's in the old Modloader Version

Don't have Modloader? I figured out how to get it to work in 1.5.2 forge somehow

Thread https://swdteam.co.uk/forum?p=thread&tid=814&page=1#

What is Confirmed?

He has a model

He will be in the game

His chair will be added to U46 and will be usable

What isn't confirmed?

Any actual details about Davros himself, or how he'll be implemented.

Bigger on the Inside (BOTI)

Can we use this yet?

Not yet.


What is confirmed?

We will be able to see into the Tardis from the outside.
This code is entirely created by SWD (It wasn't stolen from DWCM, although a lot of people seem to think it was).


What isn't confirmed?

Smaller on the Outside (SOTO), which would be the ability to see outside of the Tardis from inside
Any other Details


"More _____" Suggestions

What is a "more" suggestion?

Basically, any suggestion that simply suggests for SWD to expand the amount of some content in a mod without actually giving any suggestions on what to actually add. They are also known as "nonspecific" or "empty" suggestions.


What to do instead of "more" suggestions?

Please specify which interiors, which planets, and which exteriors when making a thread. It's common sense that over time The Dalek Mod will naturally accumulate "more" content in a variety of areas. Giving specific suggestions actually contributes, unlike an empty request.

"Forcefields Coming back"

What Dalek Mod versions have Force Fields?

The Dalek Mod 1.7.10
The Dalek Mod 1.7.2 (Unchecked)


How about the latest version (1.8)?

Forcefields are planned to be added to the 1.8 version in the future. Details of any changes that may come to them are currently unknown.

Console Rooms

The Dalek Mod 1.7.10 (Legacy version- U39?)

Show content

These are unported and will likely be remade anyway

War Doctor Console Room, 4th Doctor Wooden Console Room, others

The Dalek Mod 1.8 (U46)

Show content

Vanilla, Floral, Hexon, Toyota, Copper, Template, 4th Doctor Wooden Console Room, Hell Bent, Coral, Toyota, War Doctor, others


How about future Console Rooms?

MilkPls has a thread detailing planned interiors and those already created
Link- thread



What might not be confirmed?

Anything not in the mod and not specifically mentioned in MilkPls's thread. If you have an idea, feel free to comment there.
Link- thread

Modeled Consoles

What is confirmed?

Modeled consoles are already a thing. Some are in the mod either as items or props. More will be modeled in the future.


What isn't confirmed?

TBA. Suggest away if not already confirmed or added.

Is Story Mode Coming?

What is confirmed?

Story mode is indeed coming in a future update.



There is a story mode button on the title screen. Additionally, SWD Team has had to reply to this question themselves far too many times.


It won't. Story Mode isn't being worked on.

Well not at the moment anyway. We still would like to come back to the idea in the future


What isn't confirmed

When story mode is coming.


Any Other Information:

Do not harrass SWDTeam members for a release date- as they will likely not give one- nor ask them to "hurry up." Programming is not an easy business. The team members additionally do have lives, jobs, college, etc. they do not spend 100% of their lives on the mod and will not rush and put everything else on the line for the sake of a single impatient individual. Yes, this did actually need to be typed.

How Do I get Zeiton-7 Ore? 

The Dalek Mod 1.8 (U45)

Zeiton Ore Spawns naturally in the overworld in veins of 3-5 all the way to y=0.


The Dalek Mod 1.7.10 (Legacy)

Spawns in veins in the Overworld (Unchecked)


Unknown Dalek Mod Version

In an older version of the Dalek Mod, Zeiton-7 is dropped by either the SWD Daleks or the Ender Daleks

Sonic Screwdrivers (Outdated. To be Updated.)

Which Screwdrivers Are Confirmed 

Doctors' "Main" Screwdriver

Show content

Dr. Who

Doesn't have one

First Doctor

Doesn't have one

Second Doctor

Exclusive to The Dalek Mod 1.6.4 (Advent Calendar) for now.

Third Doctor

Present in The Dalek Mod Versions 1.7.10 and 1.8

Fourth Doctor

Present in The Dalek Mod Version 1.7.10

Fifth Doctor

Not available

Sixth Doctor

Does not own a Sonic Screwdriver in any of the Televised series. Not sure if he had one elsewhere,

Seventh Doctor

Available in The Dalek Mod Version 1.7.10
* The one in 1.7.10 is the same as 8th's first one
* The one in the 1.8 version is actually 8th's, just wrongly labeled

Eighth Doctor

Present in The Dalek Mod Versions 1.7.10 and 1.8
* The one in the 1.7.10 is the Dark Eyes Wooden Screwdriver

Ninth and Tenth Doctors

Present in The Dalek Mod Version 1.7.10 and 1.8

Eleventh Doctor

Present in The Dalek Mod Versions 1.6.4, 1.7.10, and 1.8

Twelfth Doctor

Exclusive to The Dalek Mod Version 1.8 for now


Special Sonics and Non-Doctor Sonics

Show content

Sonic Shades

Present in The Dalek Mod Version 1.8 (U45)

Sonic Cane

Not present in any version to my knowledge.

Sonic Lipstick

Available in 1.7.10 Legacy Version

Sonic Probe

Not present in any version to my knowledge.

Sonic Blaster

Details TBA
Present in The Dalek Mod Versions 1.7.10 and 1.8

Romana's Sonic Screwdriver

Present in The Dalek Mod Version 1.8


What isn't confirmed:

A number of Screwdrivers. I recommend seeing NexusVanguard's Compilation Thread (Link- "A Sonic what. Blaster cannon, WHAT!").

Feel free to post your own ideas as a thread if you like though.

Is there a 1.7.10 Server? 

An Official 1.7.10 Server-

No, but SWDTeam has expressed interest in the past. Whether or not this is still in their plans is unknown.

Questions relating to the "Bringing back" or "removal" of features existing in past versions. 

Versions vs Update Numbers:

When it comes to mods made for multiple versions of Minecraft, each version may be updated at a different pace. An update is, quite literally, a newly updated mod made on the same version it's predecessor (ie: U39 or U46-tb1). A version is the Minecraft Update a specific mod is made for (ie: 1.7.10 or 1.8). What's important to understand is that the way code works for one version of Minecraft may be vastly different from another version. Often times, something such as a planet, mob, etc may take a lot of work to be rewritten to work for a different version of Minecraft. Some things even may need to be recoded from the ground-up. Things such as Dalek Ships, the 1.7.10 Legacy planets, and various other things all need to be recoded for a future update to the 1.8 version of The Dalek Mod.

It should also be noted that anything in an earlier stage of the DM is likely just being recoded. Most things from the earlier 1.7.10 versions are confirmed; however, as the team cannot simply copy-and-paste the 1.7.10 code, you have to be patient while things are coded anew for 1.8. 



The Team has worked on Regeneration before, although it's unknown how far they are with it now. Evidence of this can be found in-game by using River Song's Diary (The Dalek Mod Version 1.7.10 Legacy)

One of the Team members once mentioned plans for regenerations, something about a 12 regeneration limit, although this was some time ago

Actual Details:

Not much else is actually known on SWDTeam's plans for regeneration. There are many threads already on the topic in the suggestions area; however, if you have something that's new, different, original, and hasn't already been posted feel free to make a thread on it

Features specifically copied from other Doctor Who mods


No. SWD can't just copy off other mod creators.

Ports to Newer Versions of Minecraft


 It should happen, eventually. Although the versions of Minecraft currently supported don't even have everything ported up themselves yet.
Additionally, a newer version of MC usually comes with a lot of mechanics and coding changes in general as well as a ton of recoding to accomodate for these changes. The team also usually does not code right away on Forge for a very new version of Minecraft, preferring to wait until builds become more stable. Don't expect ports to come out right as soon as a new MC version releases.


Recent News:

Subdivide and OIWeirdo have been working on porting the Dalek Mod to 1.12 recently. Additionally, there are now Lite Versions of the Dalek Mod for MC Versions 1.10.2 and 1.11.2



Frequently Asked for unconfirmed features: 

A short list:

  1. Materializing a Tardis around entities
  2. Picking a Tardis's landing rotation
  3. An outside scanner

All of these have never been confirmed, but at this point have been suggested into staleness. If you're going to suggest one of these, it's recommended that your thread be really interesting and unique


Last Update: September 20, 2017

  • Added the Frequently Asked for unconfirmed features section and added some items under it.


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 What is not confirmed?

  • Smaller on the Inside (SOTI)
    • Being able to see the outside the Tardis from the inside



 i think you meant "Smaller on the outside" not "Inside" :P

 What is not confirmed?

  • Smaller on the Inside (SOTI)
    • Being able to see the outside the Tardis from the inside



 i think you meant "Smaller on the outside" not "Inside" :P

 Thank you.


It's fixed now

Does anyone know the 1.7.10 screwdrivers?

 I do, I copied your original one over, with the changes in bold.


Also you have a wierd formatting issue at " 1st Doctor- Doesn't have one". It has 2 dot points on the same line. 0_0



    • 1st Doctor- Doesn't have one
    • 2nd Doctor
      • Version 1.8- No
      • Version 1.7.10-  No
      • Only in 1.6.4 2013 Advent Calender
    • 3rd
      • Version 1.8- Present
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes
        • Crafting recipe: available
    • 4th
      • Version 1.8- Not Available
      • Version 1.7.10-  Present
      • Crafting recipe: available (1.7.10)
    • 5th
      • Version 1.8- No
      • Version 1.7.10-  No
    • 6th- Didn't have one in the Televised Episodes. Not sure if he had one elsewhere.
    • 7th Doctor
      • Version 1.8- No, it's actually 8th's, just wrongly labelled.
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes (Same as Eight's first one)
    • 8th Doctor
      • Version 1.8- Yes
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes (Dark Eyes Wooden screwdriver)
    • War Doctor
      • Version 1.8- Not Available
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes
    • 9th
      • Version 1.8- Yes, same as 10th
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes, same as 10th
    • 10th
      • Version 1.8- Present
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes, same as 9th
    • 11th
      • Version 1.8- Present
      • Version 1.7.10-  Yes
      • Version 1.6.4- Yes
    • 12's Sonic Screwdriver
      • Version 1.8- Confirmed, Model is currently Being made
      • Version 1.7.10-  Unknown if it will be ported here too
  • Special Doctor Sonics
    • Sonic Shades
      • Version 1.8- Present
      • Version 1.7.10- Not Available
  • Other Screwdrivers
    • Sonic Lipstick-
      • Version 1.8: No
      • Was in Update 39 for 1.7.10.
  • Sonic Blaster
    • Details later
      • Was in 1.8 and below

Vanilla Tardis Interior

  • Not in the public version, however I am allowed to confirm that there is one in Beta and may perhaps come to public in the next update. Again, no promises. I said it might.

 Its in public now

If the Bigger on the Inside effect has already been coded, as shown in the video in the first post, why hasn't it been added to the Dalek Mod yet?

If the Bigger on the Inside effect has already been coded, as shown in the video in the first post, why hasn't it been added to the Dalek Mod yet?

 It hasn't been added, because stated in the video, it is very work in progress. I hope this helps.

So all the planets and time zones are comming back? Sorry I'm confused

So all the planets and time zones are comming back? Sorry I'm confused

 They aren't "coming back" per se, because they never were in the 1.8 version.


If you mean to ask, "Will the 1.7.10 planets and time zones be coded and added to the 1.8 version?"  then yes.

i never liked the newest 12th doctors Tardis console i just thought it didn't look like the one in the show

i never liked the newest 12th doctors Tardis console i just thought it didn't look like the one in the show

 It doesn't look like the one from the show because it isn't the one from the show its is the default

 What about the Sonic Cane ?? - seen used by the 11th Doctor in the Episode "Lets kill Hitler" - has all the Functions of the Normal Sonic's 


Arc, after reading this, i should tell you that Clara and Me's Tardis(the one from Hell Bent)isn't in the mod. The one in the TT Capsule and 1963 Tardis is the very first console room, from the 1st Doctor's era.

>> >
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