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1963 TARDIS Rebuild

I can guarantee none of us were around to watch William Hartnell's Doctor live in 1963

so understandably, None of us know 100% what the TARDIS exactly, perfectly, faultlessly looked like back then. We're all going off screen shots and clips.

I think the SWD Team have done an amazing job at building all the classic TARDIS's, and I think they're all magnificent... except for Hartnell's.

It's not bad, its just looked a bit to over sized and there for, empty. My Original plan was to just shrink its down a bit, but then I looked at screenshots and videos and noticed, the entire show was filmed from the corner/ one side of the TARDIS. So literally no one, not even the creators, know what that side of the TARDIS looks like... because it didn't exist...

So it was a little tricky to imagine what that wall could've looked like. lucky, we have 2017's Twice Upon A Time and 2015's Hell Bent, which did show all corners of the Default Classic TARDIS.


Anyway, enough monologue, Here's my rebuild!



Slightly smaller. similar to the old Dalek Mod Hartnell TARDIS (I think, I cant remember).  Might swap out the back wall for the Brackachi Back Wall. Theres a few little tweaks I can make here and there, but no offence to the builder of the current 1st Doctor's TARDIS, I prefer my rebuild


What do you thinkk?? 


If anyone want's to try recreate this in survival, where the console block is a bit useless unless you have admin privileges to turn the controls invisible, I'd recommend building the console like this...


Obviously, the controls can be how ever you want them to be, this is just a recommendation 


I'm not a big TARDIS fan, but I've always been nitpicky about the Hartnell interior, usually because it feels too big. 


Yours feels way better! I like that the console is more in the centre of the room. Any chance you could share a world download of it? Would love to look at it in person.


Of Course, I'd love for you to have it! 


I've never shared a world before, so let me know if anything's goes wrong with it.

the world is my Dalek Mod test world. All the cannon Doctor Who TARDIS's are there (with a few tweaks) and theres a few custom interiors that I've been working on for a while. You should spawn right in front of the my "1st Doctor's TARDIS". If not, all the TARDIS's are labeled so it'll be easy to find



Cool :)   Download link is 'locked', so I've requested access. Thanks for sharing! 

I've accepted it, you should be able to download it now

Nice, there's a lot of cool TARDISes in here!   The custom interior you called Classic looks really nice too :)

Thanks! I think my Classic interior is one of the first custom TARDIS's I ever built. It's supposed to be based off of the Hellbent TARDIS but I Don't think I got it very accurate. Im working a Version 2 right now, that looks more like my custom 1st Doctor's TARDIS, but with gray roundels, Quartz for the back wall and all the Hellbent stuff like the pillars and what-not  

Thanks again for sharing :)

Would I be allowed to use your build in a video? With proper credit of course.

I want to make a 1st doctor scene recreation, and I'm already more fond of this one than the one we have in the Dalek Mod.

OMG yes!

it would be amazing to see one of my builds in a video!


Only problem is, I change my Minecraft and swd account name quite often, So giving credit might be difficult. Im planning to keep this name (Eko) for a while, so you could use that. But I can't guarantee I'll have it forever

what if this could be a updated version of the 1st . BTW i love the interior you build well done :)

I don't who you are but this is absolutely fantastic! its Radical!

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