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DMU ban appeal - SuperRareVogel - Reason: hoppering

 Minecraft Username: SuperRareVogel

Reason ban: hoppering

Ban duration: forever

Last thing I did on the server: gathering clay to build a base

Why I should be unbanned:

The day before I got perma banned, I was working on gathering wood for my base near the shop when someone I don't remember the name of killed me out of nowhere. The next day, out of revenge I player located him and waited until he logged of so I could hopper his chest. I did that out of revenge, but I wanted to give his stuff back the next day. I logged off, and the next day I try to join the server I am banned. I think I should be unbanned, because I only hoppered the guy I stole the stuff from because I was pissed he attacked me out of nowhere. I know what I did was wrong, and that after doing something like that I can only expect to get banned, but if I get unbanned I promise I will never do it again.


I will be taking your appeal today.

Your appeal has been denied for the following reasons:


You've been banned a lot, for a few reasons, mostly for stealing or griefing receiving 7 bans in total. Giving the impression that you don't learn from your mistakes, so why should we let you off this time?


You also hoppered, again, and did it out of revenge? If they killed you, you should of reported them if they did it loads, which staff would of handled.

You may re-appeal in 4 weeks.
~Kubo {DMU Moderator}

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