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Ban appeal

Minecraft username: Yayacraft_40000

Ban Duration: a week

Reason for Ban:  Ban RTPing, continues after warned multiple times

Banned by Kubo_Kenji

Sever: DMU public

What were you doing last on the server: I was spaming the RTPing

Reason to be unbanned: It's true I was spam RTPing but I didn't know  I was warning multiple times because my tchat was not open and my minecraft sounds was set off. But I promise that I will not continue spam RTPing and I ask to be forgiven.


Thank you,




RTP spam is a major reason the server is experiencing lag right now.


However, I can see that you've been kicked for RTP spam and therefore I don't see your story checking out about not being aware of it.


Your ban will remain for 1 week and you will be able to play then, please don't post another appeal.


See you in a week.

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