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[TARDIS Exterior Contest] The Arcade TARDIS Exterior

Hey guys, this is my first thread and my first time in a Dalek Mod Contest.

However, I am not an expert at 3D Modeling, so I did my TARDIS exterior as a drawing, based on an Arcade Machine (mainly on the Neo-Geo/SNK ones). It's pretty sketchy, I know, but that's it, lol. I hope you guys enjoy this idea, as it could be used as an exterior to already existing mod interiors, such as the RGB one and the Gizmo's one, even tho i did based on an interior that I made based on a whole arcade (mainly TRON's "Flynn's" one) and retrowave style.


P.S.: The interior could be shown on the arcade screen with the "Bigger On The Inside" mode of the mod

P.S.2: I haven't thought about a recipe to it yet, sorry guys



Nicely worked out! These are the kind of entries we love to see :)

Nicely worked out! These are the kind of entries we love to see :)

 Thanks man. Really glad you liked XD

Well done! This may be my new favorite 80s Exterior! Amazing drawing, this is really cool!

Great job! Im rooting for you! I really want this in game

Excellent design! I hope this makes it to victory!

Thank you all very much for the great feedback. There are a lot of other exteriors that I find really amazing on the constest too, and seeing mine sketchy draw being liked is really awesome as well.


If you guys are interested, I've made an interior with this theme too (well, I did it before sending this entry on the contest, lol) and wouldn't mind posting a few screenshots of it here( if that's allowed, of course)

Sooo, here it is. I made it originally to use as the interior to the "Synthwave TARDIS" interior, as it used the "RGB interior", and went with those 80s grid and some of the RGB base, changing it a bit to look even more like out of the 80s. At one point in time, it used to have "arcades" on the walls, but it didn't look so well, so I just left it with the room original design. Well, that's all folks, lol.

Oh. My. Friggin. God. This interior is STUNNING! The size and colour palette you have used fits the exterior theme perfectly and it looks AMAZING. If they don’t choose this as a winner I will personally scold SWDTeam. 

Thank you really much again for the appreciation, guys, I have no words to say, lol

Congrats on 3rd place!!!!!! Still rooting for you!!!!

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