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TARDIS Exterior Submissions by SansIsAMiiGunner

For the sake of space. I've added my 4 choices here in one forum


TARDIS Exterior: (Persona Exterior/Velvet Room Exterior)
Why I went with this design: (The Velvet Room is similar to the tardis in the sense that it's like a pocket dimension)
Images: (



TARDIS Exterior: (I Miss You Exterior/Earthbound Tribute Exterior/Sleepytimejesse or Toby Fox Exterior)
Why I went with this design: (funny megalo man toby at it again)
Images: ()
Long story short, the creator of Undertale (and Megalovania) collaborated with Sleepytimejesse for an album including several amazing tracks.... yes. I want an excuse to remix something for dalek mod.


TARDIS Exterior: (Sonic The Hedgehog Exterior/Special Stage Exterior)
Why I went with this design: (In Sonic The Hedgehog (1991) [and several other games] if you collect 50 rings before the end of a level  a big ring will appear which you can use to travel to a special stage. seeing as Sonic's 30th Anniversary is coming soon I decided to submit a sonic exterior)
Images: (

seeing as this is my first thread on the website let me know if I did anything wrong. 


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