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TARDIS Exterior Contest Week 2: Angels Take Manhattan TARDIS Exterior

TARDIS Exterior: The Chest TARDIS Exterior
Why I went with this design: I went with this design because allot of people have been wanting this for a long time and it would be a cool detail for people to have and i really like the look of it and the blueness of it looks cool, and it would be good for people that are roleplaying that the TARDIS got damaged or something or even them roleplaying The Angels Take Manhattan and i really like the tone of it and it would be a awesome addition to the mod.


Additional Information: Also if your wondering why its not got textures and stuff its because the block bench and stuff its complicated so i used 3D Paint, It would be crafted with the 11th doctor 2010 chameleon cartridge and then you put it next to a piece of blue quartz for the tone of it to make it the Angels Take Manhattan Box.

Musa, please only post contest entries in the Contest section as mentioned in the forum thread for it's guidelines.

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