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Week 3 submission: Halloween TARDIS

I came up with this design because I thought it was a bit unfair that there was so much content in the Dalek Mod themed around the winter holidays (candy canes, the gingerbread TARDIS, a whole slew of winter daleks...) and none of the others. As I see it, the best choice to ease into a bit more varied holiday content would be Halloween. My reasoning here is twofold: Halloween (at least in the US) is the next most popular holiday after xmas, and many pieces of media have shoehorned in a Halloween special by doing a Nightmare Before Christmas themed winter special. Now, enough infodumping; BEHOLD!



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My now patent-pending isometric view*: 

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(Fun Fact: I'm pretty sure it took longer to make that statue than the TARDIS itself)

Front with open doors: 

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Bonus pic that I edited together: 

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(Fun Fact 2: I did not have a greenscreen for the TARDIS, so cutting it out was a MAJOR pain)

And the identifying item would - of course - be a Jack'o'Lantern (regular or dalek).

Additional info: Surprising as it may seem, my intention actually isn't to win the contest with this entry (if one of mine were to win, I'd rather it be the Classy Capsule or the Dwemer TARDIS). My hope is actually that this inspires an actual Halloween update, or at least a Nightmare Before Christmas themed winter update like I mentioned in the main post.

Also, Credit to whoever made the map for the official "The Nightmare Before Christmas Mashup Pack" for minecraft; I used the thumbnail(?) image for the bonus pic.


*For those who haven't seen my other submissions, that's a running joke that I apparently have now.

I really like this design! I feel like it has a good chance to be one of the winners this week, or at least a honorable mention. Maybe it's a bit too detailed, but I'm sure they could re-model it to fit more the Blocky Minecraft esthetic if it makes the cut. The special ingredient to make the cartridge could be a Jack o'Lantern!

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