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Tardis lock glitch - Still think im bsing about this glitch?

Tardis door glitch, cannot unlock door, happened in the old map, still happening here (same thing happens when i try to use my key)


I believe I can help.

thats not how you unlock the doors...

You either need to be on the outside and use the key (if you're on the DMU, you can just tp to spawn or something and do it there) or you need to craft something like the Copper Switch panel or one of the Toyota Front panels (I always forget which Toyota panel it is, sorry). The brachacki panel that you're using in the video only opens and closes the doors, it doesn't lock and unlock.

In my opinion, my first suggestion of tping to spawn or something, summoning your TARDIS and unlocking it from the outside is probably the easiest way to do it.


BTW, I'm not staff or a beta tester or anything, so I don't know if I even have jurisdiction to help here but anyway yea... You're just unlocking the door wrong.

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