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TARDIS Flight - Dalek Mod

I believe there should be more of a flight take off rather than just pressing the Lever and taking off.


  • Add a taking off sequence, off course if you wish you can still just press the lever and take off, but if wanted you can use the sequence to take off.
  • Same for landing.
  • Open the TARDIS doors whilst in flight, you cant leave or exit the TARDIS but you can see into the vortex.
  • For custom modelled Consoles, be able to open the console. If you stare into it you die immediately and the TARDIS lands where it last landed.
  • For flight mode (Idk if this is a thing already) make it so if the TARDIS is at low health and you try to fly it, it starts going in random directions against your control.

That's all for now

Those ideas are amazing the integration of where you actually need to pilot it instead of a flick of a button and you can still use it like a setting on the tardis monitor like an advanced mode would be nice and maybe the consoles to have more models to it and not just quality but performance so it plays a key roll in flying the tardis and instruction book on how to fly it in advanced mode as well as landing.

I do like the opening doors to see into the vortex but since it’s a vortex if the doors are opened it starts to pull you in until you close the door because vortex’s are kind of like a constant loop as it’s like a vacuum because it’s going in a certain direction so I like the opening door and seeing the vortex but make it be able to pull you in and if it does pull you in you would die after about 30 seconds since in the episode “utopia” jack held onto the tardis in the vortex and any normal person would have died.

For the custom thing where you pull the console up and stare into the tardis soul you would gain an ability to travel anywhere and be glowing for the period of time and if you don’t have regenerations or are not a time lord then you will need a time lord to take it away and press a key to send it back into there tardis and the human will stay alive but whilst they were in that form they would be getting health taken slowly until they die or it’s given to a time lord and lose their ability’s but for the time lord they will kind off have the postponed regeneration and be slowly dying and then regenerate.

The flight mode is a good idea if not in already as where you can’t control the tardis and it won’t work unless you heal it by not flying it and replacing the block underneath it with a zeiton block as well as when it’s low you won’t be able to demat or remat but glitch in and out .

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