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TARDIS Flight - Dalek Mod

I believe there should be more of a flight take off rather than just pressing the Lever and taking off.


  • Add a taking off sequence, off course if you wish you can still just press the lever and take off, but if wanted you can use the sequence to take off.
  • Same for landing.
  • Open the TARDIS doors whilst in flight, you cant leave or exit the TARDIS but you can see into the vortex.
  • For custom modelled Consoles, be able to open the console. If you stare into it you die immediately and the TARDIS lands where it last landed.
  • For flight mode (Idk if this is a thing already) make it so if the TARDIS is at low health and you try to fly it, it starts going in random directions against your control.

That's all for now

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