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[DMU Ban appeal] Your MC Username: Reason for ban [Ban Length]


Hello, before you read this you must understand that i strongly believe i am not in the wrong and i understand i am not supposed to post an appeal but i need to be unbanned as i was doing right. Also can the moderator who banned me not deal with this ban as i would like an unbiased opinion.


Minecraft username: Jeffyoustuped21

Why you were banned: griefing/hacking

Ban duration: Forever

What were you doing last on the server: fixing a grief (encafa17 's house) which was on my property

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): I believe i should be unbanned as i was moving encafa17's house off my property. Here is what happened:

1. I joined the server after being off for months

2. i notice encafa17's house is on my property

3. i left a sign for 24 hours or it will be removed (with resources in a chest (which is the rule in arcadia))

4. after 24 hours i removed the house and left the resources in a chest

5. encafa17 rebuilt the house

6. i told a mod and moved the house with no warning i was going to be banned

7. i was banned


This is not a grief, this is fixing a grief with encafa on my property, i should not be banned as i did not break any rules, i was not rude to any staff, i did not do anything against the rules. 

Here is a graph a drawn, one square is one block in minecraft and it should make you understand how it was a grief and why it should be removed. 

Key for the graph:

Green: My house

Blue: My garage (attached to house)

Red: Encafa's house

Purple: Where encafa built into my house


As you can see from the image, encafa17's house is mixed in with mine and the moderator (didgeridoomen) did not stop me from removing the house as he was watching me do it. And as you can clearly see from the signs in the image below, he clearly understood what he was doing and it wasn't a mistake. It is not the first time a moderator did not deal with something just so i could get banned.



Please note that i do believe i should not have been banned and it is my plot of land and they cannot do what they want with it.

Hey jeff, we in staff have a rule that staff who banned a player, can't accept/deny their appeals exactly for that bias you mention, so you don't have to worry about that.
I saw you gave me a book with 5 pages on why you shouldn't have griefed the house the first time, and told you that the book answered all your questions. Was a bit weird to see you then grief the house for a second time.

P.S. It would be wise for your brother to stop messaging all the SWDTeam members. Although he means very well and wants to help you, stuff like that gets annoying after a while and doesn't help you get unbanned. This ban appeal is good and should do all the work smile

didgeridoomen, your wrong im not being rude im just saying this as joe told me you can accept/deny the appeals. yet joe does target me a lot like he didnt transfer my tardis to my brother when i had 2 and there was a glitch and he doesnt deal with them when i ask but when another player asks he helps. But yeah. im sorry if it sounds rude

Look I believe you should be unbanned but you should have left a weeks warning as many people do in Arcadia . Also this is not on your land. It is bettween our two houses and not infront of your driveway. 

corin, my house was still incomplete, the graph is larger than my actual house as i have already stated im leaving a 2 block gap as i am going to make the parking lot out of bricks. Hope that helps make sense :)

Afternoon Jeff,

After reviewing your appeal with multiple staff we have decided to unban you with you final chance.
Your land or not, it does not entitle you to remove others builds; In future if you are not 100% sure ask a staff member for some input and they'll be able to inform you of the best way to deal with the situation. Another option might be to do what corin said above and give the other play a weeks notice rather than 1 day.

Please do not waste this final chance!

- Olly [DMU Admin}

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