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maxhutch2015 for X-ray until 22nd June 2021

Minecraft username:maxhutch2015

Why you were banned: using x-ray texture pack

Ban duration: until 22nd June 

What were you doing last on the server: with my friends in darkmagician121's hotel

Why you think you should be pardoned early:  I think I should be unbanned because it was my first offence and I didn't know you could be banned for using x-ray because I was banned the day after being found using it. I sincerely apologise for doing this, I will never do it again. I really enjoy playing this fantastic server. Yours sincerely, maxhutch2015

Hello. Yes, it may have been your first offence, but we don't tolerate any form of hacks, xray included. As for you not knowing, it is stated in the rules of the server, which I advise you to read once the ban duration is up. Your appeal will be denied.


Joe (DMU Admin)

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