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1.16 NEWS

Hello readers of the SWD Bugle, it is I, your least favorite writer! Yesterday Mr. John streamed some new footage of dalek mod 1.16 in the SWD Community discord vc channel, we discovered a few new things, here's everything I thought was important/interesting (Do note some of these things may change in the future):



An overhaul for the sonic system has been confirmed. John said he wishes to make the leveling system be used to unlock new abilities for the sonic, meaning your sonic will start with a single power, but as you level it up you gain the ability to download new abilities. It was also said that a sonic customization system will be implemented, essentially, players will craft a sonic core and then will be able to modify it on a workbench.



John has shown off a new feature to let mod makers add their dimension to the dimension selection panel, it's complicated boring code stuff so I won't explain it but now you know it exists.



-New type of Explosive that makes big booms

-When you kill Creepers in Classic they still explode

-Cave Game is still hidden in the code and might be re-added

-Dalek Plungers will probably be able to unlock special doors in Dalek cities

Well that's about everything I thought was



important to say, it's a bit short but eh, and if I missed anything or got something wrong, blame ben, goodbye and have a nice weekend!

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