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Dalek Mod: Minecraft Edition

From recent discussion in the discord. I have found some ways to make the Dalek Mod feel more integrated with Minecraft rather than just slapped on top of it.


Crashed Ships (earth edition): A rare structure found anywhere in the overworld. These old ships would vary in design to the different Species in the mod. Containing various loot from Steel ingots, Titanium ingots, electronics, sonic crystals and more. Some being more like the temples with hidden traps, other like dungeons where the remaining pilots try to protect their ship.


Golden Arrows: a more primitive defense against the cyber menace. These golden tipped arrows would be more effective against these fearsome cyborgs than the regular ones.

Smithing Table: Rather than Metalert being a ore. It could be made using the smithing table by a combination of Dalekanium & Netherite.

Plastic Armor Stands/mannequins: Adding a bit of variety to the standard armor stand would be plastic variants. Said variants having a matching Auton Counterpart

Meteorites: Similar to the Geodes in 1.17 the meteorites would be masses of rock found either buried underground or crashed in a crater. Variants for most planets can be found containing some ore veins of materials from the appropriate planet.


Strange Figurine: "A small decoration of what appears to be a three legged machine with giant green eyes, wonder where it could be from"

These are really cool ideas! I like the gold arrows one the most.

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