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Using Silk Touch on Zeiton 7

I noticed a bug yesterday while on the DMU Public server which was that when I managed to pick up a block of Zeiton 7 ORE after it being mined with Silk Touch, I tried to put it in the furnace to smelt it into ordinary Zeiton 7 and nothing happened. This is kind of a bug/suggestiosn thread, I suppose.

Alright, i used the jei mod to see what the Zeiton 7 ore block could be crafted into and as it turns out you can't craft a Zeiton 7 ore block into zeiton 7. It's just something that isn't implemented into the game, I guess the devs never considered it.

Let's lock this thread. I'll make another one in the suggestions

Oopsy, my bad. I read your post wrong and saw your suggestion, I'll get to it!

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