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Skaro 1.16

Features to help expand Skaro for 1.16


-Dalek Cities (cushing): In addition to the iconic City from the classic serial there would be the City seen in the Peter Cushing films. The Movie daleks would be the primary ones to spawn here. Rooms such as the Main facility and prison chamber would be seen in these structures, but also ones never shown before such as the lab, the gardens, reactor and even a hanger bay containing the ship seen in the sequel film.


-Kaled Domes: An improved version of the ones in 1.12, these newly designed domes would have proper entrances one can chose to go into. These new domes would have three layers to them, the entry one having the standard military bunker aesthetic, the second being the laboratories and office spaces seen in the 1.12 versions, the third and final level being the dalek production lines. Spawing in the "Genesis Daleks" a dalek that will be neutral towards Kaleds and Davros.

-crashed plane: While not a structure one can enter, this small block built structure would simply be scattered about the "No mans land" biome to add some scenery to it


-Asylums: Hidden away in the Skaro Mountains, these dungeon/stronghold type structures would be arguably one of the most dangerous to explore unprepared, while the daleks there may not be as tough as the functioning, they make up for that in numbers. 



-Petrified Jungle: A forest filled with trees and planet life akin to stone, one would need a pickaxe to easily cut down the flora. One of the few, if only, harmless biome on Skaro. The only life here being the neutral Thals.


-Skaro Plains: A rocky terrain making up most of the planet, the ideal spawning location of the daleks and their cities.

-Irradiated Swamplands: a wet lands contaminated with pools of toxic waste, occasional petrified tree or bush, and littered with mutants.

-No Mans Land: The site of the 1,000 year war between the Kaled and the Thals. a near lifeless desert with landmines scattered everywhere. the only things living here would be the long forgotten Hand-Mines, the wandering daleks, and the kaleds in their bunkers.

-Skaro Mountains: these mountainous biomes will have larger deposits of dalekanium or the new metal Mercury. Whilst also containing the dalek asylums.

Mobs/mob mechanics:

-Thals: The thals would behave similar to the piglin in that you can trade with them. Accepting Dalekanium throwing some on the ground would result in you getting anywhere from the Petrified Flower to radiation pills.

-Mutants: These abominations would reside mostly in the swamps and caves of the planet. slow, lumbering, and strong. Their attacks inflicting poison on the player.

-Kaleds: While mostly hostile they will me more lenient towards the player if wearing Dalekanium armor. The player also being able to trade with them however for more offensive materials such as ammo, swords, or even a dalek gunstick.

-Asylum Daleks: While not in many varieties, the ones that do exist (Classic, SWD, Time war & paradigm) will be weaker than their functioning counterparts. having less health and their lasers doing less damage. A single one wouldn't pose a threat, but many can easily over power the player.

-Genesis Dalek: a sub variant of the 1975 daleks. These would simply not harm the Kaleds or davros. Only found in the Kaled Domes

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