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Item frames still able to be messed with inside TARDIS

A friend of mine has asked me to write this on his behalf because he wants to create a shop that is inside of his TARDIS. He's using item frames with the items he's selling with their name as the price they are at.


His iissue is that item frames can be taken out of the frames and thus be stolen by other players even if his TARDIS perms are set to nobody.

He says that he discovered this because someone wanted to buy from his shop and they accidentally broke an item out the item frame. Then he asked them to put it back and break it again and they were even able to take it.

i'd also like to add that you can't eat in someone else's TARDIS when perms are off, which is problematic for some. But as the friend I'm writing this for said, "But if you're not allowed to eat inside a TARDIS, why you not just take items from frames?"

I believe its due to the fact item frames are considered somewhat like an entity, and player can hit/kill entities in TARDIS dimensions

Would there ever be a chance of you being able to potentially fix this issue?

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