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[DMU Ban appeal] Buseys: Hoppering[3 months]



3 months

What were you doing last on the server: Adding enchant table to tardis.

Why you think you should be pardoned early: Happened to have a hopper in my hotbar and saw a private chest and simply got curious. saw it worked so i broke it but it had already taken a few melons and a piece of gold, I figured they wouldnt care (as i wouldnt) so i went about my business. this was done with no harm intended it was just me wondering if it worked and assuming the items were unimportant. i can return them.

I can vouch for him as I am often online with him in a discord call and he did not at all want to do anything that would get him, or our crew, banned.


Whatever the intention is, you shouldn't of hoppered in the first place.

I will deny this appeal, to give you some time to reflect on your actions.

You may re-appeal in a month.


~Kubo {DMU Admin}

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