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Bug1312 told me to make a bug report with proof

Hello, this is from my last bug report and in-game Bug1312 told me to gather evidence. 


Here is my inventory when it glitched and changed the items:



Here is my inventory today:


Here is what other people are saying:

Hi Jeff, thanks for letting us know you evaded your discord ban. That account is now banned, and your main (Wolfie#6952) will remain banned.


Have a good day,

Joe (DMU Admin)

joee3, i was actually told by bug1312 when i told him im making another account to login and he said i could. So that account should not be banned.

Didgeridoomen the mods i have are: TheDalekMod, JEI, Optifine (default) (forge). I have been told by bug1312 to start recording whilst playing on the server and while building my supplies shop they had disappeared. Here is the proof: https://music.ostm.co.uk/DMU/InvGlitchProof/2021-07-18%2022-01-21.mp4

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