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This is a long suggestion for a full update Idea The Master Update (dalek mod)

I have an idea for an update I call it the masterful Update. 
Hint the name this update has a lot to do with the master. I think that a new TARDIS should be added well not a TARDIS a Paradox TARDIS! this TARDIS was seen in The season 3 finally The Sound of Drums and The Last of The Time Lords This TARDIS would be really easy to make since it is just the 2005 TARDIS with a cage around it and with red lighting. This Paradox Tardis would also have the feature to what they did in the sound of the drums and bring out bunch of toclafane from the sky with the Paradox TARDIS it would be like the moment when you have to craft this TARDIS and it would give you a whole new button! Now i said red lighting so this is possible via light source blocks and you can now change colors of them using things like dye. I also want to update the laser screwdriver by adding an aging affect this would make things like daleks and zombies weaker and after a while turn them into dust! but after using the aging option 5 times the laser screwdriver runs out of charge  this makes it less OP! I also think that it can be used on time lords or people with regeneration this would make them weak but wouldn't kill them it will stop them from  regenerating for that life. Now I also think that The masters shrink thing should be added to to cut them down to size and make them into cute little toys! But it would fail half the time and backfire on you. Now away from the master for a bit i have little idea for the hand in a jar this could be used like a respawn chamber but u would focus your regeneration energy on it by pressing  f it will start growing a new body it will take 5-20 minutes to grow the body and when you die you wont regenerate you will go back to the hand and this will gift you 1 new regeneration but after you grew a new body the jar will smash just like in the show. Now something from the torchwood spin off the resurrection glove will be used on other players/ mobs where you can heal them but every 3 minutes you loose 2 hearts and slowly die. Now back to the master seen in the sound of the drums and the last of the time lords the valiant could be found in the sky on earth this would be great for loot but the toclafane  and brain washed solders  will be around. I also Think a crash should be able to happen to the TARDIS like if the TARDIS was on below 75 health it would crash land and if you regenerate, inside the TARDIS could go up in flames and when you crash land a hole will be made around the crashed TARDIS (in the servers it shouldn't be able to make a hole) Now the TARDIS needs to fix her self so you will need a new Chameleon Cartridge to fix herself up so u will need to make a new one or if you already have one installed that will work fine too, this could change the TARDIS interior but all of your stuff would be put in chests if things were in the TARDIS   but you can always go back to ur old console room bye changing the Chameleon Cartridge back to its og form and all ur builds will still be there. Now back onto the Master you can craft his ring, his ring can make mobs do ur doing for 1 minute and then snap out of it the ring also makes you hear 4 drum beats every now and again and it will also fill up your regeneration  every now and again so you will need the Untempered Schism. In the season 12 finally The Master converted the time lords into cyber men that can regenerate what i think should be in the game these cyber men can be found in Mondas, under the Citadel, and in abandoned house at Gallifrey. Now We don't have a Master mob, so i think that there should be 3 master mobs added the classic master, the modern master and other masters now all these masters can regenerate into there next form but the classic master is 3-8 modern 10- current and the other masters are big Finnish masters and Luke! The Classic Master includes yana and they can be found on there home planet at the Citadel or in the abandoned homes. The modern Masters can be found at earth on the valiant and other masters can be found any where in the galaxy. The Master Holds the key to making the ring The shell! The Masters ring can be used for the  resurrection glove.  That is my Masterful Update thanks for reading.

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