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is a title required? if so kenji

quid colliedeer

banned for: telling a mod to go fuck himself and to die in a car crash

banned for: 1 month

last doing: in my tarfis

resone for sorry: i got angry at kenji's dobule standerds and over reacted, i shouldnt have told him to go die in a car crash and to go fuck himself, and i shouldnt have called him a cunt, i should have just left the server for a day or so, im sorry kenji for what i said, i was very pissed of with that mixter dude and then you got involved and you made me angryer, and i said stuff i shouldnt have, im sorry

Hello. While you may be apologetic for what you did, telling one of our staff members to kill themselves is something we take very seriously, and you're lucky it is just a month ban. Your appeal is denied. Wait it out.


Joe (DMU Admin)

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