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[DMU Ban appeal] finleybops: Constant Annoyance [Ban Length]

Minecraft username: finleybops

Why you were banned: Constant annoyance and many warnings

Ban duration: Permanent

What were you doing last on the server: in /warp shop I believe (It was over 4 months ago)

Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): Though I have been banned many times, many of them were deemed impulsive bans and I have been unbanned. My most recent ban which led to a permanent ban was for killing someone in /warp shop.  I have been banned for 136 days and I believe I have learned my lesson. 


I hope you consider my appeal


Best Regards,


Fin - River

Hello. Your appeal is denied due to you trying to bargain a staff member's username for your unban last time. While some of the bans may have been impulsive, the majority of them were not, and you have had plenty of chances.


Have a good day,

Joe (DMU Admin)



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