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Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: KimgCheese

Why you were banned: Ban Evasion and griefing.

Ban duration: Forever.

What were you doing last on the server: In my TARDIS and my friend finding a bunch of stuff and putting it in my TARDIS.

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I should be pardoned early because I have waited a long time to play on DMU again and I will never steal again and will be a valued member in the DMU community, I also have been banned for 2 years so far I think so I want to play DMU so badly.

Also I shouldn't of been perm banned in the first place because my friend stole and gave it to me and he got banned at MY HOUSE so it looked like he was an alt of mine and my brother logged on and got banned because he was on the same WIFI network.

But even tho my friend did it, I was still involved with the situation and take responsibility.

Hello. When writing an appeal, using the excuse "my friend/brother/pet" did it means we don't want to accept it. Also, it has been one year, not two. However, a lot has happened since, so I'm willing to give you a chance. Any use of alts, griefing or breaking rules will likely result in the perm ban being reinstated.


Welcome back

Joe (DMU Admin)

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