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(Dalek Mod) Huon Particles and Effect

Suggestion: the item "Bottle of Huon Particles" and the effect "Huon Effect"


Category: The Huon Particles would be in the potion category and would have a drink and splash variant but not lingering.


Usage: when used, the Huon Effect would take place and allow you to warp to the last few tardis's you were in while also nulifying bio dampners. The potion can be mixed with drinks to give the effect and the warp menu will be hidden in the players inventory making it more difficult to notice when they have Huon Particles.

I love that idea but I also have a thing to add on to it so say like the Huon particles come from the tardis like it does in the show because Donna got teleported inside, my idea is that you could “milk” the Huon particles from it in like a water bottle and if someone like you or your friend drank like 5 bottles of Huon particles they can press either a key to bring the tardis to them and teleport them inside or the other key which will bring them inside the tardis no matter where it is.

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