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[DMU Ban appeal] - Kidso_ - Temp Banned for Tardis Hopping? [Nearly a Month]

User: Kidso_

Reason: Tardis Hopping?


Duration: 21/11/2022 - 19/12/2022

Last Doing:

I'm not fully understanding this ban TardisTem.

First of all I was under the impression that Tardis hopping was the act of landing or digging over to a players Tardis to either steal, grief, raid, prank etc.

Which i did not do. so i'm not fully comprehending why i've violated that rule?

My last actions were simply taking flight into the void to gather the block-distance between Tardis Interiors, so I knew when and where to stop building. That was the soul intention for flying in the void towards different Tardis than my own, whilst immediately teleporting back without leaving any impression upon this player's build, or moving it or even tampering in the slightest.
So the reason is completely alluding me as to why i've been banned for something; which in my eyes is incredibly insignificant?

If someone can fill me in to why this is worth nearly a months ban i'd appreciate it.


Hello Henry or Kidso_, which ever you prefer.

Tardis hopping is defined as the action of going to another players interior in the TARDIS dimension.
This is the rule you are in violation of. I'm gathering the overall tone of this ban appeal is "I didn't know what is was"
Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable reason/excuse for this.

With this in mind, you will not be unbanned and will serve out the ban duration.



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