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Custom/Retextured Tardises


Here's some retextured Tardis I've made, which matches with some custom interiors I've build. The only sad thing is that I can't make retrextured interior doors because find them in the dalek mod file... Anyone can help me ?

Interior doors are usually contained in the TARDIS exteriors that exists for them. Most are actually linked to the exterior door's model/texture though. However some aren't, for instance the roundel doors are in the 1963 box.

TARDISes with interior doors are
- Gingerbread
- 1963
- 2005
- 2006
- 2010
- 2013
- 2015
- 2018
- default
- war

I've made some new custom exteriors, based on custom Tardises I saw on differents Discord servers


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