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[Ban Appeal] Animecheeze Permanent - Duping, Ban evasion

Minecraft username: animecheeze


Why you were banned: Originally duping, Than using an alt account months later around the time of the last appeal


Ban duration: Permanent


What were you doing last on the server: doing dumb shenanigans  on an alt account named "YourMotherGottem"


Why you think you should be pardoned early(Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts):



I'll start by saying for anyone who hasn't read the previous appeal its important to this one as it gives full details to the original ban so ill link it here.


        Back in May of 2022 I discovered a dupe (now patched from what I've been told) Atomic and I abused this bug, deeper explained in the original ban appeal from November 12th of the same year, This appeal will be mostly a sole focusing on the ban evasion and my apology towards the Staff team for my repeat in rule breaking.


       It my choice to use an alt + vpn on the server to evade my ban, it was a mistake I made soon after my appeal in November 2022 as I believed there was no point to try and appeal later as I was denied with no indication that I would get another chance, I've learned that it was a dumb mistake and it damaged trust and friendship I had with a few people that I care about on the server and ruined chances I had in getting banned in the near future of the ban appeal, I realize and understand that this was dumb and probably the worst decision I could've made in response to Wheezebobs response to my appeal.   As most of the staff may know I've had a history on the server since I joined the server in 2018 and its astonishing I've gotten as many chances as I have and there is no excuse for my repeat in mistakes and decisions, all I can do is apologize for it every problem I started that players and staff had to deal with it. So, to WheezeBob, BritishTeaCat, and Joee3 specifically I'm sorry for all the inconveniences and disappointment I've caused you, As for the duping I sincerely apologize  for not doing the right thing and reporting it from the start, and further alting when I didn't get unbanned for it. Every mistake I made on DMU was dumb and immature of me and I've been doing my best IRL to be a better person outside of gaming like therapy and antidepressants because lets be honest, anyone who knows me decently well (inside or outside the server) can tell I have problems and that contributes to my horrible decision making and immaturity on this server and others. Back on topic though, I feel like I should get some sort of chance to redeem myself anyway I can with the server as its been around 18 months since my initial ban, I will understand if I am denied however I ask that I be given one final chance to be a good person on the server and regain the trust that everyone has lost with me.

Hello! As per last time, due to the nature of your ban and the essay you have written yet again. We will discuss this as a team and come back you with an answer as soon as we have one. I will lock this thread so others cannot interrupt the appeal. This is still being discussed despite this. Please be patient.

Thank you,




Hello again.

As I previously stated, myself and the staff team have discussed your ban appeal. Upon review of this appeal, your last and all other previous bans. We have decided that this appeal will be denied due to the fact of we simply feel the scale of the situation that you were in is too large to ignore. In addition to this, the attempt to ban evade is what very much deterred myself from want to accept this. However, despite this we have agreed that the appropriate time for your next review is a year of your ban evasion. You may reappeal from January 1st 2024 onwards. If you truly wish to be unbanned, i highly suggest the patience you have displayed thus far and reappeal in January, It may be worth your patience. If you have any further questions, please contact me directly on discord via the user name - wheezebob


We hope you understand our decision.




This thread has been locked.