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Unban appeal (Hear me out first) Inappropriate skins on statues

Old Username: WardenMC_YT 

New Username: LikeabossYT171

Ban reason: Inappropriate skins on statues

Ban time: Perm


Before you deny this because I have no appeal, hear me out first.

I understand I wasn’t supposed to edit the statues but I didn’t mean for the statues to have those skins. I was meaning to do a prank by putting some banana skins on the statues (Link1).

I picked a random username from the list of people using it without realising that it also shows people who are also not currently using the skin (Link2). I put ElCryZ4 into a load of the statues and at first the skins didn’t update. When they updated I panicked when I saw the skins and made the mistake of leaving instead of reverting them. I understand I shouldn’t have edited the statues but I did not intend for it to end like that.


Link1: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1158382024025981028/1174074142631403632/image.png?ex=656644c0&is=6553cfc0&hm=1d99e5daf68a599aea93ed70205e4be1484c2c9e85c5904811bdbc7488d960d9&

Link 2: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1158382024025981028/1174076953813323918/Recording_2023-11-14_200035.mp4?ex=6566475f&is=6553d25f&hm=2405ca3e66b8cd81ea895fbb2138d485bf69d00e4df4d4d0617094bb59e9b96e&

ElCryZ4 has now removed the skin from his profile as of recording.

After looking into your appeal, I have come to realise you have claimed that they removed the skin from their NameMC account when the account hasn't been claimed. This means that no one can remove the skin from the profile. In addition to this, as the user changes the skin, it does not update the hologram with the new skin. You're appeal has been denied.


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