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SeaPandabear ban appeal

Minecraft username: SeaPandabear

Why you were banned: Racism

Ban duration: There wasn't a timer so I'm assuming perm

What were you doing last on the server: Standing in my Tardis with my friend AverageCosplayer

Why you think you should be pardoned early: I think I should be pardoned early, (or at least moved to a temp ban) because It was a misunderstanding I was saying "Night" but cut myself off as to move forward with the conversation and it sounded like a word that shouldn't be said. I had no intentions to be racist, offend, or imply anything that would offend anyone. I ask you to reconsider this ban because I was just trying to keep up with the conversation. I apologize for this mistake, and will pay more attention in the future. I would appreciate if you could grant me this second chance so that I may be able to play with my friends again.

they didnt really mean to say anything racist / offensive, sea just made a mistake and cut a part of night out by accident, They also wished us a goodnight before the incident occured.

Hello, I will be taking your appeal. After reading it and going through chat logs to get context of the conversation at the time, "night" had no place in the conversation. This now heavily implys that the word you cut off was the racist slur. 


With this, your appeal is denied. You may re-appeal in 2 months time.




Hello! Update inbound! I can't read apparently! You've been unbanned! You should be able to connect to DMU!




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