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Dalek Mod - Cybermen Disguise Suggestion

Some of you know that in the mod, pressing the "P" key will bring up a menu, allowing you to choose how to look in-game. You can choose from Daleks, Autons, Gas Mask Zombies, the various companions, two different models for the each of the Doctor's regenerations, and even Gravity Falls characters. However, one group missing from the disguise menu is the Cybermen. I would like to propose the addition of Cybermen disguises to the mod. The Cybermen are the second most popular Doctor Who villains, and it seems only fitting that they should be a potential disguise for users of the mod. 

To help with the terminology, this is referred to as a 'Skin Pack' system.


Firstly, I support this suggestion.


Second, this reminded me of when 1WTC first announced when this feature was going to be added. Back then you had to select a skin from this site in the only thing added in Update 35: The useless update. Available skins were daleks, autons, silurians etc. But the real irony is that we never saw any Cybermen skins, even though the first screenshot we ever received of this feature was of 1WTC as a Cyberman. Ever since I've been waiting in vain for a cyberman skin.


I even dug up the Screenshots:


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i support this because it will be really good for role-play perposes

This has been suggested before. 


Though, it still has my support

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