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the dalek mod, a bad optimized mod

the dalek mod is one of the mods that I have played that most crashed around the world

No, seriously, said mod crashing every x minutes or every time you do anything with the tardis.


I have been trying for years to play with this mod and it is IMPOSSIBLE to play it without Minecraft closing unexpectedly

I regret to say, as this goes on like this, I'll have to find another mod that has a tardis

First of all, in all those years that you are playing The Dalek Mod. Did it never occur to you to ask support for help?
Secondly it's not a bad mod, You probably did something wrong or your pc can't handle it :P 

So what I expect of you is to upload a crash report on here. I'll take a look into it.

DMU Admin

I complained for months here, Twitter and Youtube, but nobody listens to me.


Example 1: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=5245 (nobody said anything)

Example 2: https://swdteam.com/p/dalek-mod (comments below the page June 05, 2019  and January 31, 2019

etc..etc...more in accounts on youtube and twitter...


"all those years that you are playing The Dalek Mod. Did it never occur to you to ask support for help?" -> For what? If every time I complain about something of this mod, NO ONE LISTENS TO ME ....


Moreover, in the comments (at the bottom of this page: https://swdteam.com/p/dalek-mod) is full of complaints and YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ANYONE!


So ... why complain?


Note 1: My pc is not the problem, it is your mod.

Note 2: I will not play again with this mod.



"You probably did something wrong" -> This is the kind of thing that a "support" should not say, and even more so to a player with a GOOD PC. It is disrespectful and I will not tolerate it.


Good bye.

Hello , I'm so sorry that we didn't answer on your previous threads , We must've missed them..

We would be glad to help if there was some crash report we could check so we can tell you what to do .

  And maybe we can fix it in the mod, if it's something that we did on our side.


I'm so sorry that you didn't get support the way you should have.

I think your old threads just got hidden by others, And for the post on the download link...
We should start to read them more often.



Ho ho big boi, first of all the social media links are not moderated by staff members.

The only official way to ask for help is either on the forums (By making a thread... Not commenting under links, we don't receive notifications about them.) OR discord.


If I would contact a support I would check the official website and not on YouTube but that's probably just me lmao. NOTE that we aren't a multinational "company", we don't have "robots" that can reply 24/7.





The issue you are having sounds like an issue which is actually caused by a bug in Minecraft 1.12. You state that you are teleporting to far out coordinates and end up in a void where you can only see the player. This is because Minecraft is having trouble loading the chunks. If I recall correctly Mojang fixed this in 1.13.


So to summarise, this is not a DM specific bug, this is a bug caused by Minecraft which we are not able to fix ourselves.


I hope this helps

1.- I have made a video explaining in more detail this BIG bug.


This is not a Minecraft bug, it's from the mod, because what is not charged is the dimension where the tardis rooms are....i think.


2.- Another bug I've seen is that (sometimes) the door of the Tardis does not open. And if I can't open my tardis, I lose everything that I have inside. :C


Please, solve these two bugs, and I will play the Dalek mod again, because with these bugs I can't play. :C

1st bug is known. This will probably be fixed in U50. Not sure since I'm not a dev :P.


The Tardis's hitbox is a normal minecraft block, so if you want to interact with the door you need to aim pretty low.

It is not because of the hitbox, the sound of the tardis door is heard, but it doesnt open.....is a bug. -.-u


...and what is "U50"?

IF you want to stay up-to-date you should join our Discord since all announcements are made there, Bug list available, and faster support.


~ Zel

Locking this thread since all answers are given, and because of the attitude.

For more info join the Discord.



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