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[Format] [Checklist] Making Suggestions

Decided to base it on this



Enchantment Name:




Usable on: (Mention a tool or clothing item here. ie: Pickaxe, Shovel, Helmet)



  • (Include these as bullets and use Roman Numberals to differentiate between strengths. ie: Valeyard I)

Any other Information: 

 thanks i finally made an enchantment post here

I've thrown together something for Console Rooms.

Console room Format


Show content

Console Room: (Name of Console Room)


User: (The owner of said Console Room. Omit if it's an original console room with no specific owner)


As Seen in (If from source material):


Description of Console Room:


Images of Console Room:

(The actual Console room. If an original console room, just put the build here)


What New Blocks would need to be added:  

(Try to stick with what's in the mod/Minecraft.)


Any Other Information:



(Images of the actual interior recreated in Minecraft. Omit if the builds are in the "images of console room," and be sure to credit people who helped build if you weren't the only one working on it)


Tardis Exterior Format


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Tardis Shell: (Name of Exterior)


Owner: (The owner of the Tardis with said shell. Omit if it's an original console room with no specific owner)


As Seen in:


Console Room?: (Which Interior would this shell use if placed as an item)






how about diffrent ways of changing npcs in to cybermen and the new cybermen

how about diffrent ways of changing npcs in to cybermen and the new cybermen

 I'm going to need a bit more info and context. Would you like help deciding a format for something like this, or are you attempting to suggest it here?

This is not a place for suggestions, this is where you get the suggestion format.

This is not a place for suggestions, this is where you get the suggestion format.

 Sorry, I'll erase it xD

Name of Block/item/ore: Tissue Compression Eliminator

Description: The Masters TCE used to shrink his enemies

Lore/Brief Background: Used my multiple Master but most recently used in series 12 (Spyfall part 1 & 2 and The Timeless Children

How does the player obtain it: Crafting using extremely hard to find items

Why should this be implemented: Its Iconic and should be implemented to an iconic mod

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable):Image result for master series 12 tissue compression eliminator

Any other information:

Name of Block/item/ore: Siege mode tardis

Description: Mini tar dis as in siege mode except only as a decorative block

Lore/Brief Background: In flatline the mini tardis went into siege mode.

How does the player obtain it: not sure yet but potentially with a propper tardis and you have to also have a siege lever which either in a crafting grid on attached onto the tardis.

Why should this be implemented: its a cool decorative feature

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable): Sorry no image but just based off the mini siege tardis in the episode Flatline

Any other information: No

i would like t make a suggestion, could you put in (since you have the TVC21 and parting of the ways emperors) could you add in the evil of the Daleks emperor and maybe some Robomen? And also can you make  dalek saucers and motherships a bit ore common because Ive had the mod for about a month but I haven't found a single one yet. Also can you add the dalek city pls?

Oh and a few more things, I would hopefully like to see the Cushing daleks firing changed. Because in the films they fired white clouds of carbon dioxide not lasers. So what I’m suggesting is that they stop firing lasers and fire white smoke particles to a distance of about 4 blocks and these clouds can deal poising/nausea to the player also, this would make them safer due to that you can pick them off from afar while they’re trying to shoot you with carbon dioxide. And also could you add in the classic 1960’s cutter dalek? What I was thinking was that they would travel in groups of three with two normal 60’s daleks and, if your house had iron they would have an animation where they would be seen sweeping the cutting tool over the door the door would break and they would come in and exterminate you. Also, could you, as an extra planet, add in the crucible? It would be a maze of corridors, swarming with daleks and at the centre of the crucible you could find the control room full of daleks and it would give somewhere for the red dalek supreme to spawn and you could go Down a lift and into the vault were you could bring back the old Davros mod and he would drop rotten flesh, a rare chance of dropping his chair because there isn’t a crafting recipe (I think) and dalekanium nuggets and possibly his hand which could be used as a weapon.

Can you add the cyber controller from age of steel and tomb of the cybermen they would be slow and deal lots of damage like normal and would both spawn in their own types of cybermen for the tomb controller new tomb cybermen, would be a boss and stronger than the cyberleader, this could mean one of the future updates could be the cyber update you could also add telos with the tombs of the cybermen as spawns also can you make it so that when a cyberman kills a villager a cyber villager is put in its place like an upgrade.

can you make it so you can go in survival  in the beta server


My brother suggests putting in alfava matraxis, as a spawning ground for the weeping angels, it could have one huge temple you have to find.

I’m going to enlighten a bit further with the temple, what I mean is u can find the reck of the byzantium and battle tonnes of weeping angels to get the loot at the control deck (loot undecided).

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