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Dalek Mod 1.8 - Updated July 1st 2017

If you asking if everything on the 1.8 server will be saved, no it won't because we are switching to 1.12.2.

will all our progress on 1.12 be saved if we do it now?

 Yes, everything you do on the 1.12.2 server will be saved.

wait im confused i know its goind to 1.12.2 but all the progress on `1.8 won't go to 1.12?

The 1.8 server is being deleted. No progress from 1.8 will carry over. The 1.12.2 server will be a fresh start. You can read more about it here and here.

is there any reason this crashes MC? build terrain... crash. like wth. this is infuriating. if this mod would work itd actually give me a reason to play mc. 

Can you make your own thread and show a crash report of your crash?

Does anyone know if its possible to add dimensions to the Tardis' monitor panel? I have a few custom dimensions and it would be awesome if I could use my Tardis to get to them. 

Not yet, no. But I believe Sub was working on something like that.

Not yet, no. But I believe Sub was working on something like that.

Yeah I heard awhile back for in the next few updates the tardis will support other mods that contain other diemensions so that We all can travel :D right now we just Have the other diemensions as overworlds XD

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