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[Discord Ban appeal] BeezarreQueen#5303: Unknown

Discord account username and ID: BeezarreQueen#5303


Why you were banned:



Ban duration:



What were you doing last in the discord:

I posted two pictures and one screenshot. I found pictures when I was trying to find dalek mod soundtrack on internet or Khotarri's YouTube channel. I was about to ask something about one specific music track (title of track or request clear full version separated from video where I found it). Then I got banned.


Any previous bans:



Why you think you should be pardoned early (Please keep this factual. We understand you are sorry that you got banned so please stick with the facts): At first I wanna know ban reason at least. It's okay if this ban was wise decision, but I don't understand the reason why I am banned. I can only assume that those pictures contained inappropriate stuff. In that way I'm sorry and I promise not to post something like that ever again. I was missing for few weeks and I probably missed some updates in rules and in community at all. I believe there is some kind of misunderstanding and I hope there can be wise solution for this kind of situation.

Hello. I'm going to deny this appeal on the grounds of you exposing a user's privacy. We believe all our users are entitled to privacy, and we will do what we see fit should that privacy be infringed upon. I hope you understand, and you may reappeal in a month.


Have a good day,

Joe (DMU Admin)

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