Dalek Mod Universe Server!

Dalek Mod Universe Server!

DMU Ranks

What is the Dalek Mod Universe server?

Dalek Mod Universe are the two official Dalek Mod servers for Minecraft 1.16.5 Forge.


There are two servers:

  • DMU Public: available to everyone! Download the latest Dalek Mod release to access the server. This server is a survival-based server and attracts a lot of users.

  • DMU Private: Only available to our Beta Access users. It's nice and peaceful there, it's a great place to get to know staff and other users! The server is also great for roleplays. This server is still being set up so bear with us!



What can I do on the server?

Dalek Mod Universe allows you to build, roam and more!


On the DMU Public server all users are in survival mode. You will need to survive the long nights and battle the dangerous Dalek Mod mobs! You can also get a TARDIS by crafting one.


Beta Access users have creative mode to build what they like in the world. At its current state the server is split into 4 main areas: SWD City, Big Noze Fallz, Winter City and the Wilderness.


How do I get on the server?

Just open up your Dalek Mod title screen and select your server on Dalek Mod Servers page. When it's pressed you will be presented with a fancy GUI showing a list of players and a button to join one of the servers.


Rules and FAQs

The first thing we require is reading the rules so you can enjoy the server without getting into trouble. See them by doing /rules.


The staff team on DMU are equipped with block logs, so any block you break or place, they can see, so think twice before deciding to grief.


The server is also child friendly, as the main playerbase is children, this means there is absolutely no swearing allowed. Doing so will result in being fined in-game currency. Please keep this in mind if you decide you want to make inappropriate references or jokes as well.


As for other questions you may have, ask an online staff member or in our #support channel on discord here!


Ban appeals

If you happen to be jailed, muted or banned* by one of our server staff, please post a thread on the SWD Forums using this format if you wish to appeal: [Format] Ban Appeals, Server reports

Where to post: Ban Appeals/Reporting


*Note: If you were banned for 3 days or less, it is unlikely your ban appeal will be accepted.

Donating and ranks

You can also obtain a lot of both SWD and community made cosmetic items if you donate a bit of money. These include Fezzes and Chameleon Cartridges and more! Just go to the store page or click here to see the different ranks or here to see the rest. You can pay with either Paypal, PlaySafe Cards or Steam/TF2 items worth up to how much you want. Do note that the donations are in USD.


What are the cities you mentioned?

DMU Public has a wide variety of cities and towns, all built by talented users! Examples are Dunton, Caerodia, and Tahodi!


DMU Private has many cities, many which are built as tall as skyscrapers!


SWD City: This is the main city of the private server, most people's houses are in this city along with some of the main buildings including the jail and the SWD Experience.

Big Noze Falls: This is the city from the old DMU, its rather quiet and it is the home of the Detective Agency, but beware, a lot of strange stuff happen here, to name a few, water towers bursting, unstable dams and don't forget the giant Bill Ciphers!


Are there any groups/factions to join?

Yes, these groups are a part of roleplay. These include Torchwood, Dalek Wood, and IMC to name a few. Maybe you could even start your own!

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Beta Build

Alpha Build



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ha3593Beta Tester
Posted: March 16, 2024

i cant join beta sever

Huty01Beta Tester
Posted: January 20, 2024

Imagine playing DMU. Couldn't be me.

ijordonBeta Tester
Posted: March 18, 2024

Hooty no showing off haha

Posted: January 09, 2024

Hi! I really would like to play the dalek mod on the current game version. Is this possible in any way?

Posted: December 24, 2023

hello, is it possible to access this server from the pirated version?

Posted: March 28, 2024


Posted: December 13, 2023

kinda reminds me of Doctor Who ngl kinda.