Dear Great Britain

Do foreign voices on trains scare you? Can you handle a European living next door? Does your wife refuse to clean behind the fridge? Do you think women are too stupid to win a game of chess or have a top level job?

If you are feeling irrational then vote UKIK this May. These people might improve our economy, contribute to our culture and make Britain great but they are different to us so let’s kick them all out!



Click once at the level of power you want to kick at.

Click again to begin the kicking!



This game has been created by SWD, we are a team of developers who create games based upon controversial news stories for the purposes of entertainment and to encourage political discussion amongst young people. The purpose of this game is to highlight the importance of a diverse culture for our great nation as well as make a mockery of extremist views.



You can download the game for android over on the Google Play Store



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Posted: September 30, 2020

and was it removed

Posted: September 30, 2020

what is this even

Posted: April 01, 2020

"Can you handle a European living next door?" Kinda mean. to europeans.

TardisSixteenBeta Tester
Posted: August 13, 2018

Can we get a PC version of this?

LukeBeforeYouGameDMU Staff
Posted: July 03, 2018

shame it got removed from google play,

RustHogBeta Tester
Posted: September 07, 2020

I wonder why