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[2022] Guide to DMU Server Ranks

Guide to DMU Server Ranks [Updated for March 2022]


A couple years ago, RedDash posted a guide to server ranks. This was not updated, so I decided to make one myself.

If you are looking to buy a rank, but don’t know which one, or want to know what some ranks do, feel free to look through this guide as I try to assist you!


Each rank has its own set amount of permissions. All permissions are purely cosmetic and grant no in-game advantage (following the Minecraft EULA).

Click on the rank name to be sent to the store page!


Main DMU Ranks


This is a list of all standard DMU ranks, with only cosmetic permissions and no added bonuses.


Donator - £2.50 GBP

Donator comes with your basic set of permissions, for the user who can’t spend much (or doesn’t want to).

It comes with:

  • /say [message]

A basic vanilla Minecraft command for custom messages.

  • /nick add/remove [nickname]

A command to grant yourself a basic nickname with colour. Popular command to make your name stand out among the hordes of players!

  • /hacks

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] A command that does [REDACTED]

  • /me [message]

A command that, in chat, appears as “ * [Username] [Message] “ which could be used for fake death messages for fun, although it’s easy to see the * behind them.

  • /sit

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] A command that allows you to sit wherever you’re standing, no matter the block.

  • /set-title add/remove [message]

An extremely popular command among players, adding custom text behind your name for extra bling in your messages.


Overall a good starter rank with basic commands, really worth it to be able to feel special or set wacky nicknames! I’d give it a rating of 8/10, not too expensive but not lacking in the commands department.


V.I.P - £5.00 GBP

Semi-advanced rank with a few extra permissions, and even unlocking the ability to use COLOURED CHAT! 

The new permissions it grants are:

  • /playsound

A fun command allowing you to play any sound in the game to you or the server (Be careful not to abuse it though…)! You can play anything from a basic walking-on-grass sound to music discs without the disc or jukebox!

  • /tellraw

A cool command that can be used to display a message in chat without your name or any effect! You can even bind commands or links to it (although links are not recommend and some have been banned)! You can search for online tellraw generators to generate the command for you.


Overall, this rank is good for the average player who might own a shop as they can do fancy advertisements, or the player who is on with friends, being able to play music! I’d give it a rating of 7/10, as it does cost two times as more as Donator, but does grant everything needed to get yourself seen in chat for advertising or looking for items.

V.I.P+ - £7.50 GBP

V.I.P+ comes with the extra SPARKLY commands to make yourself look fully unique! 
The new permissions it grants are:

  • /particle

A cool command to allow you to spawn in a particle! Commonly used to create cool explosion effects when teleporting to other players, or for a nice show!

  • /login-message [message]
  • /logout-message [message]

These two commands are great for a grand entrance or exit when joining or leaving the server! Fully customisable with colour, you can announce your entrance or exit to the whole server in chat, allowing people to recognise your arrival or exit before you begin receiving hundreds of “Welcome Back”s!


Overall, this rank is pretty sweet and really makes you shine as a fabled DMU player! I’d give it a rating of 6/10 as the extra £2.50 for a few commands  to make yourself more glamorous isn’t as worth it as I’d like but it is still good for a well known player!


M.V.P - £10.00 GBP

M.V.P is the most expensive main rank on DMU. It comes with all the commands you can get through standard purchasing. This is where the commands get more industrial, being able to name your items with colours.

The new permissions it grants are:

  • /glow

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] Give yourself a glow so people in the area can see you no matter where you are!

  • /display-name [item name]

Name your tools with fancy colours and fonts to make your kill messages stand out! Also can be used for naming papers for invoices, and about anything you need to name your items for.

  • /hat

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] Put items on your head!

  • /skull [username] 

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] Change a player skull into whatever players head you name! Nice for decoration if you use it to make custom things like computers via player heads!

  • /afk [message]

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] Add a message to your afk announcement so people know why you’re gone!


Overall a nice rank at maximum customisable potential, being able to name your title, nickname, tools, login and logout messages, afk messages, advertisements and everything! I’d give it a 9/10 as £10 for full and complete customisable potential, being able to completely stand out and look fancy whilst at it.



That’s the end of basic DMU ranks!



There are some DMU ranks I am yet to list. This is because they don’t fall under the standard rank hierarchy. They are listed here.


Beta Access - £2.99 GBP

Beta is a good rank to start with. It grants you access to the SWD DMU Beta Server, and access to a special tab on this very website to see upcoming updates and test them yourself! It also grants a few permissions to go with it.

The permissions it grants are:

  • /set-title add/remove [message]

An extremely popular command among players, adding custom text behind your name for extra bling in your messages.  

  • /mount 

An exclusive command allowing you to sit on any entity you click on after running this command! Even allows you to mount players! Don’t mount the dragon though, it will bug the game and you will be punished…


  • /nick add/remove [nickname]

A command to grant yourself a basic nickname with colour. Popular command to make your name stand out among the hordes of players!

  • /sit

[NOT FUNCTIONAL] A command that allows you to sit wherever you’re standing, no matter the block.


Overall, this is a really good rank as it’s cheap, grants you access to beta testing the new versions, grants you access to the beta DMU server, grants you basic commands for personal customisation and even grants you a website rank, badge, and discord role! I’d rate this a 10/10 for price and efficiency, a personal favourite of mine and even works well as a gift for others!


DMU RP Ranks - £7.50 GBP

These ranks are pretty basic, they’re practically customised V.I.P+ ranks as they grant the same permissions, however the rank name is different. Very good for role plays!

Here’s a list of each RP rank:


 - Dalek RP Rank


 - Cyberman RP Rank


 - The Master RP Rank


 - The Doctor RP Rank


These are the only options available, however they’re pretty neat, and a great option for fans of one of the four! They can’t be customised beyond what they already are but that’s why there’s 4 options. I’d give it a 9/10 as the rank look very nice and are just customised versions of the already existing V.I.P+ Rank!


DMU Custom Rank - £15.00 GBP

DMU Custom Ranks are the pinnacle of ranks. They grant the same permissions as MVP, but you can customise them as much as you want!

They can be completely and fully customised, from what the text says, to the colour of the text and brackets and even the format (bold, italic, ETC)!

You can have your custom rank changed by asking 1WTC (I’d recommend via Discord as your messages won’t be covered by other messages on his profile) but don’t have it changed too often as it takes up time, something that is precious to all of us.

”But why is it £15.00? MVP costs £10.00 and they’re the same!”

Well, unlike the RP ranks, a custom rank isn’t something that can just be made.

It takes a while for your rank to arrive because it has to be added to the database (You’re getting a rank that hasn’t existed until you asked for it!), they have to manually assign each permission and THEN grant it to you!


I’d personally give this rank a 10/10, a perfect rank for the DMU player that spends most of their free time on DMU, as they not only get MVP permissions but they also get one whole rank just for them! One rank all to yourself! 


SWDBae - Offsale

SWDBae was a rank sold before DMU removed paid commands from ranks. SWDBae grants commands that provide an advantage, however there are rules around it. It is not an admin role and no rank owner can claim otherwise. Cannot be obtained anymore.

SWDBae grants:


  •  /gamemode survival/creative/adventure

Enter creative mode to gain access to every item, and be able to fly! However, you CANNOT hand out items from the creative menu to non-SWDBaes.

  • /worldedit

Edit whole chunks of land to create huge structures! Don’t build over other players builds though…

  • /tp 

Teleport to players without them needing to accept! Try not to invade their privacy though, you shouldn’t really use this…


Overall, I’d give this a 7/10. It allows you to create whatever you want on the public server, meaning no resource gathering needed, but it is easily abusable and unfair on other players. Thank god it’s off sale!


SWD Staff Ranks

Of course, SWDTeam get their own ranks in the game. Not just them though, but developers, DMU Admins, and everyone else in Staff.


DMU Staff - Apply in the Discord

DMU Staff are the people who patrol the server, looking for rules broken and helping those in need of assistance. They - like SWDBae - cannot hand out items but the regulations aren’t as strict and they do have some leeway on the rule. 
Staff can host events such as invasions of mobs in spawn, where online players can take part and take home awesome loot!


Staff can check the logs of blocks broken, used, or placed, so they can look for griefing and spamming with ease.


Staff are usually nice so you can interact with them and speak to them about any problems you have! They will never take action against a case with zero proof or evidence so not only do you not have to worry about fake reports, you also cannot use “they lied” as an excuse :P


Overall, I gotta say the DMU Staff are pretty nice. Friendly people, understanding and caring. 10/10!


Developer - Not recruiting

Developers help create the very mod you’re playing! They work hard for your enjoyment so don’t forget to thank them every now and then.

Developers have quite a few Staff commands on the server, enough to be god but not enough / aren’t allowed to take action on DMU rule breaking.


Not much to say about the devs, but they’re all pretty nice. Give them a 10/10 for spending their free time to help make this mod!


SWDTeam - Not recruiting

Your lords and saviours.

These are the wonderful people working on SWD, leading all the mods.

They are the second highest authority, and direct the mod projects, each with their own set of skills.

You can read about them here!

I’d give them a 10/10 for being superb.


Owner - Be 1WTC

You can’t physically obtain this role, not even other SWDTeam members have it. 1WTC is the head of SWD, so of course he gets his own special role on the DMU Server. 
He has all permissions. All commands. All authorisation.



That’s about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m not staff so I cannot do anything SWD-Wise but I can help you if you need help deciding a rank or if you have any questions about one.

Hope this helps!

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